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Local beer on a legendary background

Saint-Monon beer was born in 1996 in the heart of the Famenne, land of brigandage and legends located at the gateway to the Belgian Ardennes. This beverage straight out of the imagination of the youngest Walloon brewer in France. he era, Pierre Jacob, quickly acquired its letters of nobility.

Today, 5 exceptional beers come out of the brewery’s vats, recognized internationally with numerous awards including the prestigious Chicago award: Gold Medal at the World Beer Championship.

Welcome to the world of Saint-Monon.

When legend forges the terroir

Around 645, Monon de Nassogne, a hermit monk from Scotland, was assassinated, beheaded, in the Ardennes forest where he had taken up residence following the call of an angel of the Lord. His remains were placed in an oratory which quickly became a place of pilgrimage. Since then, it has been said that miracles have happened there!

Among these, many years later, the birth of a divine beverage: Saint-Monon. Today, 5 brews are flowing freely in the small village of Ambly and being exported to true beer lovers.

Saint-Monon is the protector of farmers, farm animals and crops. We thank him for watching over the farm where Saint-Monon, barley, malt, hops, bees and beehives are brewed, as well as the nature that surrounds us.

The secrets of Saint-Monon beers

Local ingredients

Saint-Monon beers are rich in their terroir. Spring water, honey from local beekeepers, Gerny wheat …

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to delivering a local, high quality product.

An ecological process

Pierre Jacob is an industrial engineer in the food industry. Nature, he works with and he respects it. His farm is 100% self-sufficient in electricity, the filtration residues from his beers are converted into food for the village animals, organic waste is composted, he works with recycled paper and cardboard boxes.

The real secrets of Saint-Monon beers

To discover the backstage of Saint-Monon, go to the brasserie in Ambly, in the heart of the Famenne and its legends. Tours and tastings are organized. This is where you will discover all the facets of Saint-Monon beers.

Our award-winning beers

  • Concours International de Lyon 2020 | Argent | Lyon, France

  • Concours International de Lyon 2020 | Argent | Lyon, France

  • Best local beer brune | bronze 2015 | Villers-le-Bouillet, Belgique

  • Best Belgian Beer Wallonia 2014 | Namur, Belgique

    MI HOP Dry hopping
  • Coupe de Wallonie des bières artisanales | Houblon d’or 1998 | Belgique

  • The World Beer Championships | Gold 1998 | Chicago, USA


What our customers think of our beers

“I am testing this nice little beer right now and I must admit that it is a very pleasant surprise! This little honey aftertaste is most pleasant!
A beer that I would definitely recommend! 🙂
Now all I have to do is visit the brewery hehe! "

“The visit to the brewery is very pleasant and rewarding, the tasting is excellent. The beers are superb! "

"Every time we go to a bed and breakfast abroad ... we offer it! "

Small, family brewery where you can see perfectly how to brew on a small scale. Nice tasting afterwards!

Tom Libbrecht

Very nice beers.

Abraham Van Steenberghe

Visit the brewery

Want to discover the lair in which Saint-Monon beer is brewed? Visit the brewery!

In the heart of the Famenne, in the small village of Ambly, discover all the secrets of Saint-Monon beers during a visit and a tasting.

Visits on Saturday and by appointment. Duration: 1h visit (including 20min of discovery of the brewery and 40min of tasting).


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